If you are relatively new to the world of betting you may not be well acquainted with certain terms. Spread betting is a commonly used term which we shall be explaining in more detail here. As the word itself entails, this is a type of bet which is spread. This means that for market prices there are always two prices given. Moreover, the costs of trades gets embedded into the offer and the bid. So at the end of the day it is all about variables. In the case of spread betting one needs to appreciate the fact that the outcome of the game is uncertain right until its end. The more right you are, naturally the more you are going to win. On the other hand, the less right you are the less you will win. In Australia Spread betting is rather new and it has not yet been adopted by all operators. In fact some consider it as a very unconventional betting method. In Australia spread betting is not yet well established, and in fact PointsBet is one of the few operators that support players in their predictions and offer a pointsbet promo. In fact we offer 24 sports to wager on.
Pointsbet Spread Betting Dice

How does spread betting work?

We would like to explain spread betting in a simple way so that you will be able to grasp its concept. Basically, if you bet and you win one point, you will get one times your betting amount. If on the other hand your bet loses by one point, you will lose one times your stake. Naturally this type of betting enables players to speculate more easily on the movements as well as the outcomes of events. It is not like fixed odds betting, which is more predictable since the profit or loss one makes will depend a great deal on the flexibility of the particular market. With spread betting you are not required to establish who shall win a game, or which player will be scoring the first goal. In fact spread betting presents unlimited options. You will basically have to predict for the selected market and try to foresee the final result.

Choosing PointsBet for Spread Betting

As noted earlier, PointsBet is one of the few operators who have brought spread betting as another option for players. PointsBet offer a unique selection of markets, some of which are not available with other bookmakers. Some of these include the player shooting percentages, the time played for players to pass 5, 10 or 15 points, and the time of the first basket. There are also when a player points multiples as well as the longest FG distance made. PointsBet specializes mainly in NBA betting. It has more than 300 markets per game. This also includes more than 100 markets available solely on PointsBet. Such markets revolve around the time for specific events, and they make use of minutes and seconds as units for multipliers. There are different ones, such as: In the case of NBA markets:

  • The time for eh first 3 throws made by players
  • The time of the first 2PT and 3PT by teams and players
  • The time for players to pass different points, such as 3, 5, 1 and 15 pts.
  • The time of when the first fouls get committed


  • The time of the team passing 10 and 20 pts.
  • The time of the first goal and the first behind

Ice Hockey:

  • The time of the first goal
  • The time of a team’s goals
  • The time of the first penalty
  • The time of the first shot


  • The times of the team’s first, second, third goal etc.

Needless to say each and every market will have a maximum win and a maximum loss level. This will be listed on the bet slip. Thanks to this the player will be aware how much he or she can win or lose.

Why should you choose PointsBet?

By now you should have gained a fairly good idea of what spread betting is. Considering that PointsBet is one of the few operators who offers it, you should choose PointsBet to give it a shot. Moreover, there are popular sports to bet on including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, racing, golf, ice hockey, baseball, snooker, darts, boxing and cycling. The betting markets will offer explanations to players on how they work thanks to informational boxes, examples of bets and other relevant details. There are also various account types available.

PointsBet different account types

The operator will withhold some time from a bet placement. This is done so as to make up for the risk involved from that bet. This withheld amount is stipulated on the bet slip. The withheld amount will vary according to the type of pointsbet account one has. For instance, with a DSF, which is short for delayed settlement facility, there will be a lower amount of money withheld upfront. This is one of the most popular options with members as most customers prefer a small delayed settlement and to deposit a relatively smaller amount. they can also get more bets with the balance available. Cash accounts, on the other hand, require a larger withheld amount whenever a bet is placed. PointsBet offers customers a chance to reduce their losses from a bet only with certain markets. However this will also end up affecting the winnings.

Pointsbet spread betting conclusion

The main difference that lies between PointsBet and other operators is that strictly speaking nothing is based on odds. Different totals are given on each market option by the operator. As a bettor you need to understand that whenever you increase the maximum loss level you will also be increasing your maximum win level. So ultimately this means that there is going to be a bigger max payout to compensate for substantial losses. As a result when there are higher stakes in question, players will win more as long as that bet covers the line by a small amount.