PointsBet has done very well for itself since it was established, and despite being a relatively new bookmaker, it is competing prominently in the Australian betting market. For starters, it is one of the few Australian bookmakers that offers the option of spread betting. If you are planning to join PointsBet while using a pointsbet promo code it is important to be aware of certain details such as the different PointsBet payment methods. This has a direct effect on the betting experience at the end of the day. So, let us discuss in some more detail the payment methods PointsBet offers.
Pointsbet Depositing Options
In order to be, you will need to deposit money. In time you can then withdraw money. All this revolves around having a reliable payment method. Thanks to the simple and straightforward PointsBet account interface, you will easily handle your deposits and withdrawals.

How do you make a PointsBet Deposit?

This is the first step to start betting. All you need to do to deposit money in your PointsBet account is:

  1. Go to the PointsBet website
  2. Log into your account
  3. Click on ‘Deposit’
  4. Choose the PointsBet deposit option
  5. Enter the amount you would like to deposit

If this is your first time you will be eligible for a generous welcome bonus on your deposit. Make sure to check out the PointsBet website so as to be updated with the latest PointsBet promo codes and be aware of all offers and promotions you can avail from.

How do you make a PointsBet Withdrawal?

All you need to do to make a withdrawal is:

  1. Go on the PointsBet website
  2. Sign into your account
  3. Under the ‘My account’ section, select the amount of money you would like to withdraw

The money will then be transferred to the bank account of your choice instantaneously. However, this does not mean that it will be immediately available in your bank account as the time it takes for it to appear there will depend on your bank provider, and this varies from one to another.

PointsBet Wallets

Since PointsBet specializes in sports betting players will not have multiple wallets to choose from. There will be one wallet which comes with the player’s account. In this wallet the player will see his or her sports betting funds. All other transactions, such as deposits and withdrawals, will be taking place in the sports betting section.

Types of PointsBet Payment Methods

Deposits: For the time being PointsBet offers two methods of payments, namely by Visa or MasterCard. However both of them are safe and secure.

PointsBet deposit methods Minimum deposit Maximum deposit Payment fee Processing time
Debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard) No minimum deposit No maximum deposit  None Instant

It is important to bear in mind that PointsBet requires that any deposit gets turned over at least once since being deposited in a member’s account, before being withdrawn. This turnover can take place on any market, be it sports or racing. Withdrawals: The only option is by bank transfer. In order to withdraw funds from your PointsBet account you will need to select bank account. This account has to be in your name. Processing time for withdrawals will differ from one bank to another.

PointsBet withdrawal method Minimum withdrawal Maximum withdrawal Payment fee Processing time
 Bank transfer None None  None  Up to 10 days

Should you experience any problem with withdrawing money from your PointsBet account, you should first ensure that your identification has been duly checked and verified. Also, you should have completed the credit card verification process as well as satisfy any minimum turnover requirements. Also, please be aware that should you currently have any bets in dispute, or zero funds, you will not be able to make any withdrawals. In the case of cash-only account, should the account go into negative, you will need to make another deposit. If this occurs frequently or regularly, the operator reserves the right to increase the withheld amount on your account to a 100% of the maximum loss amount. This amount will depend on the specific market that you wagered on and so it is not fixed.

Frequently asked questions relating to PointsBet payment methods

  • Are the PointsBet payment methods available secure?

Yes, the payment methods offered are limited, but secure. You have peace of mind that these are trusted payment methods.

  • Which currencies are available?

All deposits and withdrawals can be made only in Australian dollars.

  • How can a deposit limit be set?

Some customers would like the option of setting a deposit limit in order to keep an eye on their spending. This is possible on PointsBet by setting a deposit limit. Simply go into your account, select ‘Set account limit’, and then choose from the options provided. These are based on the number of days you would like your account to be restricted for or a maximum deposit limit. This limit can be reset after at least 24 hours have passed since it was set.

  • Why is there a customer verification process?

This process only takes place in cases when one’s account could not be verified by the operator’s database. Often this occurs simply because incorrect or inaccurate data was submitted. In such cases we will request additional documentation in order to verify your identity and other prevalent details. This process is important for your safety as we want to ensure that there are no problems relating to identity theft. We take every precaution to ensure that your account gets properly and completely verified.

  • I made a withdrawal but I have not received the money yet. What should I do?

The funds withdrawn will take some days before appearing in your account. There will be a set timeframe. Should this be exceeded you should then contact the PointsBet customer care team so that they will verify the reason why.

  • Can a withdrawal be cancelled?

As long as the withdrawal has not been processed by the PointsBet system, you may cancel it.

Pointsbet Payment Method Options

PointsBet customer care service review

The PointsBet customer care review team is always ready to assist customers with all of their queries. The support staff are very efficient and friendly. They see to any questions and inquiries as promptly as possible, while giving complete information or guidance as necessary. Customers may contact the PointsBet customer care team by:

  • Sending an email on [email protected]
  • Calling on 13-BET (13 72 38)
  • Or start a live chat session between 6:00am and midnight.

Since the support team is not yet available on a 24 hour basis, one may wish to resort to the Help section on the website, where there are detailed and helpful answers to commonly asked questions.