QB Drafting Strategy

Make no mistake about it, the quarterback is the position in fantasy football which can make or break a franchise. Most fantasy players seem to be intrigued with the running back position. Running backs are very important, but the QB runs the show. You can only play one QB in most fantasy football leagues. There are always two, and sometimes three slots for runners. Securing a QB that will score every week is essential for a good fantasy football team. Runners often get shut out, or score only one or two touchdowns between the two or three that you have started. There is an equally good chance that your fantasy football opponents put up similar numbers from their running backs. The QB however, is expected to score. If your QB doesn’t put up good numbers, you are immediately in a hole, as the opposing QB will almost always put points on the board. Here are some strategic things that you can do to wind up with a good stable of QB’s. Too bad you can’t use our pointsbet promo code to bet on Fantasy Football, you can use it however to bet on real football matches.

The ideal team would have a QB that you have confidence in every week. This means it is a no-brainer to pencil in the same QB every week, except for the bye week. These QB’s are rare. First of all they need to play on high scoring teams. Secondly, they need a solid offensive line to protect them. Third thing a quality QB needs is a running attack. Without having a running game, opposing defenses will find ways to slow the passing game. The last thing a quality no- brainer pick at QB needs is guys who can run after the catch. When you can get a QB who is on a team that possesses all of this, grab him. People will call me crazy, [I have been called much worse] but I will take a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady in the first round over almost any runner. Don’t be afraid to go against the popular trend of taking Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson with your first pick. To win in fantasy football you will need a complete team. Being able to pencil in Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady quality QB every week, will help you accomplish this goal.

Almost all the QB rankings list Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers as the first QB’s to be drafted in fantasy leagues this fantasy football season. Both have solid resumes to be drafted before Manning and Brady. Here are the reasons that I rank them below Manning and Brady. Drew Brees is starting the season with a big target on his back. Every defensive player will be gunning for him. That is just what happens after you win the Super Bowl. If Drew Brees puts up similar numbers to last season, he will earn the respect to be drafted as the top fantasy QB. Until then, I still recommend going with the grizzly veterans Manning and Brady. Aaron Rodgers had the best numbers last season for fantasy football QB’s. He can score by air or ground, which makes Rodgers very dangerous. The main reason to drop Rodgers to number four at QB is concern for his health. It’s only a matter of time before Aaron Rodgers gets injured badly. He leaves himself vulnerable way too much. They say no guts, no glory, but Rodgers will eventually pay for his reckless style of play. If you are a gambler, Rodgers is the QB for you. He will put up great numbers, if he can stay in one piece. I just don’t think Green Bay’s line can protect him well enough.

Only four teams can get the QB’s that I have already discussed. I think that they are the best QB’s going into the fantasy football season, but there are others who can lead a fantasy football team to a great season. The other QB’s will just need a stronger supporting cast. The QB’s like Philip Rivers and Matt Schaub will be grabbed quickly. So will Tony Romo who is in position to have a career best season. If they are not available to you, don’t fear. There are a couple of QB’s that will be around after the sixth round in some drafts, that are going to have better seasons than most fantasy owners expect. Look for Kevin Kolb and Jay Cutler to have huge seasons, and to put up quality fantasy football numbers. Kolb will be a special QB. If you play in a keeper league, grab Kevin Kolb, you won’t be disappointed. Eagle fans will wonder why Donovan wasn’t traded a year earlier. He has great accuracy and feel for the game. Look for Kevin Kolb to make an immediate impact on fantasy football leagues. Jay Cutler is more of a risk, but still worth grabbing. Cutler will be much more at ease with the system this year. I look for Jay Cutler to thrive under new offensive guru, Mike Martz. This is the last season that Cutler will be drafted low. Look for Cutler to be gone by the second round next year.

Every fantasy football team should have depth at the QB position. I like to grab my back-up QB by round eight. This usually gives me two QB’s that I can trust. This season my strategy will change slightly. I have targeted Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Palmer, Brett Favre, and Matt Ryan. As soon as one of these guys goes off the board, I will draft one of the others with my next pick. I will only deviate from this strategy if some bozo grabs one by round four. In that case I will wait until the second one leaves the draft. By planning ahead using this strategy I will assure myself a quality back-up at QB.

The third QB on the roster is for emergency use only. Perhaps a starter gets injured, while the number two QB is on a bye week. For this reason it is vital that your third string QB be a starter on his team. Matt Lienart and Jason Campbell both make good third QB’s on fantasy football teams. Stay away from promising rookies. Many teams are afraid to feed their young QB star to the wolves. Having Clausen or Colt McCoy as a third QB sounds good on draft day, but not in week ten, when they are both on the sidelines, wearing headsets, and not helmets. A scrub on the field, is better than a future star on the bench.

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