Falcfans.com began in the summer of 1999 simply as a hobby site about sports, but within a few years grew to be a bit more. They were the premier Falcons fan site on the internet, but that was up to the fans to decide. This site was founded by Aaron “Pudge” Freeman, he used to administrate, maintain, and update the website daily. There are many others that have contributed greatly to the site over the years including many forumFalcon Football Team Logo members.

For those unfamiliar, The Atlanta Falcons are a PRO American Football team which competes in the NFL and is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Their current Home-base is the Mercedes-Benz Stadium which is located at 409 Nelson St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313. Sadly enough, the Falcons entered the Super Bowl 2 times in history, but they continue to do their best to train hard.

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